20th International AIDS Conference - Melbourne, Australia

MOGS09 Sex Worker Only Peer Education Outreach Training Session
  GV Workshop
Venue: Clarendon Auditorium
Time: 21.07.2014, 18:30 - 20:00
Facilitator: Yukiko Kaname, Japan

Level: Intermediate
Target audience: Peer educator, Skills building trainer
Seating limits: 460
This workshop will build a productive learning and networking environment where sex worker peer educators from around the world can share skills and experiences. The session will outline sex worker peer education outreach strategies and the successful impact that outreach has on reducing HIV transmission. Sex worker peer educators from Japan and Australia will showcase common outreach scenarios and issues that Scarlet Alliance and Sex Work And Sexual Health (SWASH) encounter including: negotiating with bosses and gatekeepers to gain access to sex worker workplaces, recruiting and training new sex worker peer educators for outreach, and emerging and innovative methods of delivering HIV and STI prevention and education for sex workers on outreach.
Y. Kaname, Japan

Peer lead workshop: Reflections on sex worker peer education programming and cross cultural shared experiences between the Australian and Japanese sex worker community
Y. Kaname, Japan
J. Barker, Australia

K. Mizushima, Japan
R. Cole, Australia


    The organizers reserve the right to amend the programme.